Single Portal

Single Portal

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What is Single Portal – Background

The State Charity Registration Portal is an online system
that allows charitable nonprofit organizations and
their professional fundraisers to comply with all states’
registration and annual filing requirements in a single place.

Single Portal Multistate Charities Registration
A NASCO Public Interest Initiative for Information Sharing and Data Transparency

The Multistate Registration and Filing Portal, Inc., a Delaware nonprofit corporation (MRFP) working with the National Association of State Charities Officials (NASCO), and the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), continues moving forward with its plan to build an online system that will allow nonprofit organizations and their professional fundraisers to comply with all states’ registration and annual filing requirements through a single online portal (“The Single Portal Initiative”).

Our goal is to maximize efficiency, data transparency, and information sharing by enabling compliance with registration and reporting requirements for any state, or any combination of multiple states, without duplication of data entry, at the single portal, and then making the collected registration data from all states available to the public in a searchable and interactive format. Academics, policymakers and interested members of the public will be able to conduct their own inquiries. Availability of the data in electronic format (rather than in paper or static pdf format), will enable analytics that will lead to better understanding of charitable resources, better targeting of law enforcement and fraud prevention resources, and better policy making for protection of charitable resources.

For multi-state registrants, it will greatly reduce administrative costs and inefficiency of complying with the different requirements of each of the 39 states that require registration, allowing the resources saved to be devoted to its charitable mission. Single-state filers will avoid the inconvenience and uncertainties of paper filings. The 33 states that still require that paper registrations and annual reporting be mailed to a state office, will realize the efficiencies of electronic data collection and management. Electronic submission of data will relieve state offices of the costs associated with processing and storing paper, allowing the states to redirect limited resources to the core missions of preventing fraud and misuse of charitable funds. Our goal is to enable the population of data fields from electronically filed Forms 990, thus avoiding re-entry of data between state and federal filings. The system will be able to receive data by electronic downloads from registration service providers (AKA paid preparers) who maintain electronic data for their clients. State filing fees will be collected and disbursed to states through the Single Portal.

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MRFP members are state agencies (Attorneys General, Secretaries of State, or other agencies) with direct oversight responsibility for charitable assets and charitable solicitations. The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) will serve as fiscal agent for the Single Portal operations and NAAG’s offices in Washington, DC will serve as headquarters for the administration of the Single Portal system.